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Yoga for a Stronger Body and Mind

My passion for yoga started years ago when I realized that underneath the physical practice of the yoga asanas, there is a much deeper influence at a spiritual and mental level. Yoga practice does not only improve the physical strengths of the body, but it also provides the power to control the mind, through practicing certain breathing techniques and meditations.

My experience in teaching yoga allowed me to help many people improve their flexibility, physical postures, physical strength and most importantly improve their mental strength, and hence overcome anxiety and stress.

Being a mother, an architect, an artist and a yoga instructor, I often get asked how I can manage a busy life and stay motivated all the time! I must admit that juggling between family and work is not an easy task, yet with regular yoga practice I feel the strength to face the most difficult life challenges with a positive attitude, overcome any obstacles I may face and achieve my goals with success.

For me the word harmony is the key for any success. To make a painting beautiful, we look for harmony between the shapes and colours, and to make an architectural design successful, we look for harmony between the concept, layout of rooms and the materials. In yoga, looking for harmony between the body, mind and soul is the key to reaching true happiness on a personal and spiritual level. This is the true teaching of yoga.

As a yoga instructor, I always seek to make the yoga class enjoyable and beneficial at the same time. I help people find peace during the practice, I try to understand their struggle, and I look for ways to improve their postures.

I have seen people improve their physical and mental strength just by attending one yoga class per week, over a short period of time. Yoga is for everyone, do yoga practice, do not allow the fear of trying to stop you and enjoy the results!


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A 500 hour registered yoga instructor specialised in, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Seasonal Yoga, Pranayamas, Mantra, Breathing Techniques, Meditation, Tai Chi, Chakras, Nadis and Chair Yoga.

I enjoy working with different age groups from children to the elderly, beginners to more advanced yoga practitioners. My aim is to help people enjoy the yoga practice, and at the same time improve their general health, strength and flexibility.

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Yoga Pose
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Benefits of Yoga

  • Increase Flexibility and Improves Body Posture

  • Increase Muscle Strength and Tones Body

  • Improves Respiration, Energy and Vitality

Yoga Pose
  • Maintain a Balanced Metabolism

  • Weight Reduction and Better Libido

  • Cardio and Circulatory Health

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